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Sri Yantra or Sri chakra

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Posted on October 05 2020

The ancient mystical instrument (symbol) is around 12,000 years old and is said to have a strong influence on the physiological state of man. This powerful and divine geometrical design is a supreme instrument used for spiritual advancement in the life of a person. It is worshiped in the 2D and 3D form. The outer square or base represents space, the 3 circles represent time (past, present and future) , the nine interlocking triangles (in 2D) or levels (in 3D) represents the obstacles(which have to be overcome)  in the path to nirvana in order to reach The Singularity or Adi Shakti or Bindu (the center dot in the sri chakra) .The Bindu represents all universe which has evolved with the grace and will of Adi Shakti.

Sri Yantra

The Hindus worship it by offering prayers, performing poojas and chanting or meditating in its presence. Other religions like Muslims, Parses, Christians and many others also worship it as they believe in the cosmic ray theory of stones. They usually place it near holy books and read the holy scriptures or meditate.

The Sri Yantra in 2D form is available in COPPER, SILVER and PANCHALOHA. The 3D form, Sri Chakra is available in SPATIKA, SOLID MERCURY (Parad), PANCHALOHA and JADE. Each material is more conducive to help attain certain goals. The yantra and chakra is also available in the fprm of pendants, and fingerings also.

Spatika – Grants respect in social circles, peace, prosperity, helps in owning property,                                removal of negative vibrations and removal of vastu dosha in the premises where it is kept. Success in all your endeavors and appropriate fruit for labor is guaranteed.

Mercury – Parad sri Chakra is said to be most powerful of all. It brings you material and spiritual wealth. It breaks all obstacles to success by removing negativity and ensures full fruition of labor.

Jade – This is known as a protection stone and works on the heart Chakra. It stabilizes the user’s personality, helps in emotional release (especially irratibility) and promoted self-sufficiency and helps you to become the best of yourself. It brings good luck and friendship too.

Panchaloha –  Panchaloha is useful for removing vastu defects and is usually placed in the north-east section of the building.

Copper – Good luck and prosperity

Silver – Helps in career growth.

The worship of the Sri Yantra is ideally carried out as per the norms mentioned in the Samacharya Sri Vidya tradition. Different variations of worshiping has come up over the times. The Sri Chakra has to be first purified or energized before use and placed in a sacred premise in the house of office. Daily Kumkum archana is performed with chanting of Lalita Sahasaranama. The sacred mantra for Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra worship is,








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