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Where to Buy God Idol Dresses Online?

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Posted on April 30 2021

“Hinduism insists on the brotherhood of not only all mankind but of all that lives.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Hinduism consists of several different practices that each have a deep significance transcending decorative values. One such culture is that of colors. Hindu artists have long used bright colors in depicting gods and their idols. It is an idea that has been picked up by the way we perceive and interact with the world. Each color plays a role in the way we react to things, feel emotions or create a sense of environment.

Colors bring with them joy, sorrow, warmth, peace, violence and much more. The same is reflected upon how we choose to dress our God Idols. Several idols are dressed in some of the most sacred colors of Hinduism.

The color saffron represents fire and wearing it represents the quest for light. Yellow, the color of light symbolizes happiness, peace and meditation. Blue signifies depth as it is the color of ocean, sky, rivers, lakes and the rest. White is a color that according to science a mixture of seven different colors of the visible spectrum thus symbolizing multi-faceted personality of Lord Shiva, his purity and cleanliness. The color red represents sensuality and purity. It is one of the most significant colors of the Hindu religion.

For example, saffron is the color to represent holiness and you can see Munis and Rushis wearing saffron clothing to represent the same. Lord Vishnu is often adorned in yellow representing the plight of his knowledge. Mata Saraswati can be seen in white sitting on a white lotus. Blue is the color given to the ultimate. Lord Rama and Krishna are depicted in blue signifying their bravery.

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