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Why Are There 108 Beads in a Rudraksha Mala?

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Posted on March 28 2021

The mention of ‘malas’ in Hindu mythology dates back to several thousands of years. In fact, the usage of malas can be found in several religions around the world. These days, not only are malas, rosaries or beaded necklaces used for the purpose of worship or meditation but also to make a style statement. Since yoga has been popularizing more than ever, there has been a sharp rise in the people wearing mala necklaces across the world.

However, did you ever try to read or look for malas yourself? If you did, you must have found the mention of the number ‘108’. If you were confused, do not worry. Not all of us are flush with the knowledge of malas. Anyway, to think about it, the number ‘108’ is all around us. A common example is when people refer to the 108 salutations during their ‘Surya Namaskar’. Another interesting fact is that there are exactly 108 beads in a traditional Rudraksha mala. So, what is the story behind 108 and why do we seem to love it so much?

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There are several reasons given behind the importance of ‘108’ beads in a mala:

  • There are 12 zodiac signs in the world and 9 planets in our solar system. Therefore, 12 x 9 = 108. As one counts the mantras using a mala, it can be used to overcome the negative influence of the stars thereby changing their destiny.
  • There are 54 letters in the ancient alphabet of Sanskrit. Each letter has a masculine and feminine energy. More significantly, these alphabets are referred to as Shiva and Shakti. Therefore, 54 X 2 = 108.
  • Did you know that the diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth? Also, the distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Sun. Mind-blowing?
  • It is also said that there are 108 earthly desires in mortal beings. Also, we have 108 feelings in which 36 relate to the past, 36 to the present and 36 to the future. 36 X 3 = 108.
  • 108 is referred to as the ‘Harshad’ number in Sanskrit. Harshad means great joy and in mathematics, a Harshad or a Niven number in a given number base is an integer that is divisible by the sum of its digits when written in that base.
  • There are said to be 108 Indian goddesses in the Hindu Mythology.
  • The number 108 signified god in Islamic mythology.
  • There are a total of 108 dance forms in Indian traditions.

Basically, these are the reasons that signify the number 108 and the presence of 108 beads in a rudraksha mala. Are you blown away? Because we certainly were.

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