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Sukha Samrudhi Vivaha Pooja Combo

Rs. 699.00

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In the box:
1. Turmeric mala
2. 2 face rudraksha
3. Santana vivaha yantra.
4. Mahalakshmi locket

There could be a hundred reasons for your delayed wedding. After only education and job, marriage is the most important stage of life. The Pooja Store provides you with easy solutions to have a smooth and meticulous wedding process right from rectifying your Doshas and clearing out delays in your birth chart. A specially curated pooja kit from The Pooja Store contains a Turmeric Mala, 2 Face Rudraksha, Santana Vivaha Yantra and a Mahalakshmi Locket to resolve all your nuptial needs. Welcome the blessings of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati with this kit. Transform harmoniously in a sacred union with your soulmate. Visit