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Ardanareshwara Face with Decoration / without Decoration

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Title: With Decoration


Ardanareshwara Face with Decoration / without Decoration

Ardhanareshwara is an androgynous deity that celebrates the ultimate unification of Shiva and his consort, Shakti. Its mentioned numerous times in our scriptures that the universe originates from Ardhanareshwara and end with Ardhanareshwara.

Ardhanarishwara is the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies and illustrates how Shakti is inseparable from Shiva, and vice versa.

Ardhanareshwara Pooja is of paramount importance in Hindu tradition. Use the plain or decorated face for your pooja needs. Attach to a kalash or buy shiva idol ( without face ) from this link to attach to the face. https://thepoojastore.com/products/plain-shiva-body

You can also adorn this idol with Rudraksh mala, which can be purchased from this link. https://thepoojastore.com/products/rudraksha-mala-10mm-108-beads?_pos=8&_sid=ffffd37ec&_ss=r

Material - Handcrafted from pure aluminium. Painted with enamel paint shades. 

Decoration Face is made from 888 stones cast in metal back jewellery.

Height - 8.5inches