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Astalakshmi Panchagavya Ghee Diya

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  1. Astalakshmi: Astalakshmi refers to the eight forms of the goddess Lakshmi, who is the Hindu deity associated with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Each form of Astalakshmi represents different aspects of wealth, such as prosperity, knowledge, success, and fertility. Worshiping Astalakshmi is believed to bring blessings of prosperity and well-being.

  2. Panchagavya ghee: Panchagavya is a concoction made from five products derived from cows: milk, ghee (clarified butter), curd, urine, and dung. In Hinduism, the cow is revered as a sacred animal, and its products are considered purifying and auspicious. Ghee made from cow's milk is especially valued for its purity and is commonly used in religious ceremonies and rituals. Panchagavya ghee is believed to have spiritual and medicinal properties, and its use in rituals is considered highly auspicious.

  3. Diya: A diya is a traditional oil lamp used in Hindu worship. It typically consists of a small cup or bowl filled with oil, with a cotton wick immersed in the oil and lit with a flame. Diyas are an essential part of Hindu rituals and are used to symbolize the presence of divine energy, dispel darkness, and invoke blessings.