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Budha Yantram [ Gold plated]

Rs. 100.00


Buddha is the god of intelligence, trade and commerce. This powerful yantra removes all obstacles and energises  the place where it is kept bringing about fame, health with success in business, family and job. This is used in fields of business, consultant, sports, cinema and all artistic fields. Budha yantra maks you more focused, energetic and instils deep concentration.

Pregnant women can keep this near them to have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Where to keep ?

Keep the Budha yantra in your pooja room if you are performing pooja to it. It can be kept in the entrance to office / home and in living room also.

How to worship?

chant the BUDH BEEJ MANTRA, for 35 days to energise it.


This is made of 100% brass.