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Pure Panchaloha Swastik - For main door.

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Size: Medium - 3inch

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Pure Panchaloha Swastik

Archaeological records show the Swastika symbols to be prevalent in various civilisations like Aryan, Greek etc. Swastika motifs were present in the neolithic period. Khuzestan province of Iran and “Vinca script of Neolithic Europe showed the presence of Swastika symbols. 

Swatik is amalgamation of 2 words - Su and Asti - meaning existence of Good. Literally, its the aagatam of good. Swastika symbol is substantial for Hindus. The right one is the evolution of the universe and the left one is the involution of the universe. Swastika symbol also represents the God Sun. Almost all Hindu yantra like shree yantra, accessories and religious designs has Swastika symbol on them. 

Henceforth installation of this on your main door would welcome positive energies into your abode.

Material - Pure panchaloha