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Shiva statue

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  1. Hollow Structure: Some brass statues are designed with a hollow or partially hollow structure to reduce weight while maintaining the appearance of solid brass. These statues can be significantly lighter than their solid counterparts.

  2. Thin Casting: Statues cast using thinner brass layers can be lighter while still retaining the desired appearance. Look for statues that are cast with thinner walls or details, which can help reduce weight.

  3. Small Size: Opting for a smaller-sized statue can naturally result in a lighter weight. Consider the dimensions of the statue you're interested in to find one that meets your preferences for both size and weight.

  4. Modern Techniques: Some manufacturers may use modern techniques and alloys to create brass statues that are lighter than traditional solid brass statues. These statues may incorporate other metals or materials to achieve a lighter weight while still retaining the appearance of brass.