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Shree Yanthr Peetha

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Shree Yanthra Peetha

Contains the 3 Dimensional form of the divine sri yantra.

Sri yantra is the ancient mystical instrument (symbol) is around 12,000 years old and is said to have a strong influence on the physiological state of man. This powerful and divine geometrical design is a supreme instrument used for spiritual advancement in the life of a person. It is worshiped in the 2D and 3D form. The outer square or base represents space, the 3 circles represent time (past, present and future) , the nine interlocking triangles (in 2D) or levels (in 3D) represents the obstacles(which have to be overcome)  in the path to nirvana in order to reach The Singularity or Adi Shakti or Bindu (the center dot in the sri chakra) .The Bindu represents all universe which has evolved with the grace and will of Adi Shakti.

Length - 6.5 inch 

Weight - 550 gram

Material - This stand is made from Brass.