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Shwetarka Ganesha / Jilledu Ganesh / Yeke Ganesh

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Shwetarka Ganesha

Benefits of Shwetark Ganpati:

Shwetark Ganpati, known as Jilledu Ganesh in Andhra Pradesh and Yeke Ganesh in Karnataka is considered as one of the purest and most rare sacred items on earth. The branches of Ark tree take form of Ganesh naturally and plays a divine role in the traditional religious and holy practice since the time immemorial.

Its leaves are importantly used for worshipping the lord sun. The leaves and flowers of this plant are assumed very sacred in the Hindu religion and mythology. The puranam mention that, the house which does pooja of this is always potent in removing any evil and ill effect and the inmate is blessed with immense wealth and prosperity.

We provide the original Shwetark  Ganesha for immensely religious, revered and sacred person, sourced straight from the forests.