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Spatika Saraswati 21 Gms

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Use this Spatika Saraswati  to gift to your family members & friends during a Home pooja or havan & Home Decoration & Daily Pooja 

Material - 100% pure first quality spatik, without any spots on the inside.

Method to check for originality

Earlier, Spatik products could be checked by briskly rubbing one against another. Original Spatik would generate a spark. Unfortunately, the Chinese have invented another glass that also exhibits similar property, but is not spatik. Now, originality of Spatik can be checked only by a good quality gem tester. Hence, we request you to buy only from us, where we sell genuine spatik products.

Why do Spatik prices increase as the size increases?

Due to excess mining, India has run out of Natural spatik, which was available in plenty. Now, to meet demand, we have to import this from Madagascar and Africa. Due to severe paucity of spatik, large blocks are charged more by supplier.

Weight-21 Gms