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Stone Arch [ Height - 3.5 inch ]

Rs. 400.00 Rs. 500.00

Red - Height - 3.5 inch / Width - 4 inch
Blue- Height - 3 inch / Width - 3.5 inch

Stone Arch 

Can be used to adorn any god OR goddess. You can also gift this to your favourite deity at a neighborhood temple. There is a needle provided for easy installation

Material - 888 multicolour stones with Mozaic metal back.

Method -Using a string, attach the arch to the deity VIA the needle provided.

TIP - Snake Kireetams are usually used to decorate Mariamman OR any Shakti avatar of Lakhsmi. Blue colour arch can be used to decorate Shaneeswara, Shiva OR Vishnu. 

Height - 3.5 inch

Width - 4 inch