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Stone Kirita [ Height - 4in]

Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 1,200.00

Height - 4 inch

Stone Keerita [half ]

 Buy this handcrafted metal back stone kirti / crown to adorn your favourite God. Use natural bees wax or Stickon to stick the jewellery on the God. As an alternative, you may also tie it with a string around the god.

This crown is perfect to adorn small Gods.

Material - 888 stones with Metal casing.

Height-4 inch

The crown is made like an semicircular arch to fit it easily on to the gods head.

This is close shot picture. Product may appear bigger in pic. Check dimensions carefully before purchasing. 

Prices are for 1 pc.

Decoration Tip - Use Blue crown to decorate Vishnu / Balaji